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the evangelical outpostThe Voice of Evangelicals writes:The InfluentialsDr. John Mark Reynolds weighs in with his choice of most influential American not working in government. To Recap, Hugh picks Dr. James Dobson, Josh went with Oprah, and I put my money on Rick Warren. Dr. Reynolds says we are all wrong and goes with dark horse candidate and ID advocate, Philip Johnson.I won’t bother to explain why I’m right and the good philosopher is wrong. Instead I’d rather speculate on what would happen if the four of them joined forces, like the Superfriends or the Tri-Lateral Commission. Imagine how influential they would be if they combined their talents and audiences. I will also not bother further defending my choice of Phillip (Two L’s) Johnson, since the fact that Carter cannot spell his name correctly in this context means I am wrong.However, his best idea ever is a Super-Friends team of traditional Christians. Superman is too powerful and thus too hard to choose. Confining my choices to the DC Universe I would argue that Rick Warren is the voice of the Computer that tells the Superfriends what to do, Nancy Pearcy or Anne Coulter might be Wonder-Woman, Hugh Hewitt has the Dark Knight/Batman persona given his fascination with devices such as blogs, Frank Pastore (alpha male) would be Firestorm, and that Dobson (so friendly and easy to talk to) will end up being Aquaman, who despite his useless powers was always the most accessible to the Wonder Twins.Which brings us to the worst moment in super hero history, the introduction of the Wonder Twins to a show that I thought would be “cool.” I remember counting down the days until Superfriends would be on the air only to discover too much “education” and “morality”. . . blow things up, don’t teach me about recycling!. . . of the worst seventies sort. But the Wonder Twins, who were there so I could have someone to relate to, were the show killers. Young boys watch superhero shows to NOT be reminded they are weak and doltish. Every episode now had two folk reminding us how not super we really were. What were the producers thinking? Which means that Carter or Reynolds may actually only rise to the level of being a Wonder Twin in the Conservative Super Friends Club. . . though my role may be more like Gleek.Here is the deal: Carter can be Marvin, if I can be the guy Wonder Twin. My wife can be Jayna and we can run around touching rings and saying “cool” stuff like: “Form of Ice Conservative” and “Form of Rush Limbaugh” to help our heroes like Hugh and Frank Pastore out.I wonder what others think on this profound topic.

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