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the evangelical outpost: Outtakes01.13.05

the evangelical outpost: Outtakes01.13.05Carter writes:However, I do take issue with him trying to say that I’m Marvin, a useless human that got bumped off in the second season. I see myself more as Gleek; if somebody’s going to be a evangelical blue monkey it should be me. After all, I’m just a bucket-carrying monkey in comparison to the esteemed Biola philosopher, Zan.Well, I understand the pain, but I fear that Carter is not cute and the main role of Gleek is to be cute-in-a-lovable-blue-monkey sort of way. I am assured by throngs of bloggers (more or less) that Carter is not cute in this way. Making Carter Gleek would be akin to making a white person the Black Vulcan (whose name included his color so red-neck racists would not miss the point that all races could be heroes. . . Of course, such names are offensive and racist since no one would have White Superman. The only role for a black hero in those racist, but weirdly P.C. days, was for the Black Vulcan to be black. Everything else about him was incidental.) Sadly, the only real role for Gleek was to appear “cute,” which is implied by his “cute” name: Gleek. Since Carter cannot fulfill that role, Gleek is out for Carter. What should Carter be? Great blogging minds want to know.I defer to Hugh for Carter’s superfriend identity. I also accept the Carter driven identity for Robin.I should note that I only raise to the level of Zan, because my wife is really cute, not unlike Jayna. I am also dim by comparison to her and frequently have to be rescued by her from my silly ideas. “Gosh, Jayna, let’s jump into the shark tank and help Aquaman.” “No. Zan, let’s go stand behind the Batmobile and watch Batman beat up Mxyzptlk.” (Mxyzptlk would be Howard Dean in our alternate universe.)

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