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The Greater Danger

Pride will often cause me to judge the sins of others, but not my own sins. However, fear of judgment will also often cause me to refrain from judgment when the time has come to judge. If Jesus lived in an era when He needed to say, “Judge not”, most philosophers need to be reminded to judge. I often take (and I think I am not alone in this) Jesus words that I will be judged with the judgment I use as a good excuse for letting every sinner off the hook in the vain hope that my own sin will be excused. At least in my community for every self-righteous person, there are ten who will be up in arms at any condemnation of anyone. We are a guilty age. What better explains the rush for gay marriage which few gays will use, than a desire for someone, anyone, to tell guilty people they are good? It will not work. It never works. Plato was right when he says that even if we are never punished for our guilt our souls are harmed. How I wish I could take back the bad things I have done! It does no good if others do not judge. Our souls judge us and find us guilty.So it seems to me that our culture is far more in danger of never thinking anything divine judgment than in coming to an overly hasty conclusion that there is God in the whirlwind. We are so eager to hear the still small voice that I think we would miss a Divine shout.Of course the good news is that we can be born again. The Holy Spirit can give us a new start and heal our self-inflicted wounds. God help me to hear the Divine pleading whether it comes softly or loudly!

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