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The Most Intelligent Comment Ever on Left Behind

the evangelical outpost: Who Gets Left Behind?: “Larry’s comments bring up another are of Christian media: MusicUntil about ten years ago, the music produced by the Christian community was prozac for the saved. The whole hosanna thing freaked me out as a musician.Then as the industry matured, the quality improved to the point where now the Christian bands are able to provide music that usually better in quality to the trash on MTV.I think LB is the hosanna music for Christian fiction. Its success is providing a way for Christian authors to provide fiction to people that do not want trashy sex scenes and foul language.The agents for the LB machine, Alive Communications is actively using the resources and connections it has to bring other authors to market. This would not have happened had LB not been the huge commercial success it is.Posted by: Mr.Fine at February 2, 2005 10:55 PM”

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