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The Party of Dean

Dean will soon be party chairman, so the wise ones say. On the other hand, these same folk had Dean as a lock for the presidential nomination and then Gore endorsed him. Dean should keep away from Gore for the next few weeks. Far away. Slam him in public. Call Tipper bad names. Dean must act now to save himself from the embrace of Gore, who more and more is politically starting to resemble the salt sucking monster on the old Star Trek while physically becoming the Gorn.Where will Dean take the party? An amusing thing to do is to go read Kos and other left-of-sanity web sites. Forget the policy decisions. Those can be massaged with good ads. I am interested in the style for the moment. Dean will bring condescension to the party of Jackson. He knows he is smarter and better than everyone else and soon he will be on television all the time telling all of us. Dean will bring frantic energy of the sort that used to be self-medicated in men his age with a good stiff drink. Dean is Healthy and so will simply, periodically, go mad on national television. Dean reads books which tell him what the Folks want to hear and then tries it out. Soon he will be learning our language, badly. “I think the President’s social security reform is washing in the blood of all societies lambs, the young and the elderly who rely on the program.” said Dean to Tim Russert.In short, Dean who has never had an actual job in government (the governor of Vermont was last seen at the Maple Syrup Tasting Day ribbon cutting) will soon bring the sparkling personality that won him so many primaries in states named Vermont to the Democrats.George Bush is the luckiest man alive.The only danger on the horizon? I see signs that Denny Hastert is starting to look like Tip O’Neil in State of the Union addresses. Will this provoke the rise of a Democrat Reagan?

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