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The President of PepsiCo Reads Canon Dale!

Here is the PR puffery. Are you placated yet? My suggested additions for PepsiCo in italics. “‘Following my remarks to the graduating class of Columbia University’s Business School in New York City, I have come to realize that my words and examples about America unintentionally depicted our country negatively and hurt people.Just because I lack the judgment to realize that giving America the finger would hurt some people does not mean I should not be trusted to make multi-million dollar decisions. Just because I spoke as if in a junior high locker room with the depth of a first year speech student does not mean that I should not be paid millions of dollars to speak for a major company. I appreciate the honest comments that have been shared with me since then, and am deeply sorry for offending anyone. I am not sorry for what I said, but sorry that America has so many rubes that it is offended when I am offensive.I love America unshakably – without hesitation – and am extremely grateful for the opportunities and support our great nation has always provided me.Though when I think of America and am given five options, America most reminds me of the middle finger of the hand.‘Over the years I’ve witnessed and advised others how a thoughtless gesture or comment can hurt good, caring people. Read: Many good, caring people are too silly to know that present Administration policy is evil. I should have realized that.Regrettably, I’ve proven my own point. I made a mistake and, again, I’m very sorry.’Of course, I still think exactly the same thing and evidently PepsiCo agrees with me since I do not have to repudiate anything I said. Nobody at the company is saying I was wrong, just that they are sorry you are offended. So there Hugh Hewitt!

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