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The Silence of the Domes

The Silence of the DomesEdwards’ Iliad[1] Sing, O goddess, the hair of John-Boy son of Edwards, that brought countless ills upon the Democrats. Many laughing voter did it send hurrying to the polls, and many did it remind of their prom date, [5] and poodles, for so was the will of Zeus fulfilled from the day on which the son of Kerry, Theresa’s John , and great George Bush, first fell out with one another. And which of the gods was it that caused the endless primping that doomed him? It was Narcissus, Edwards god; for he was angry with Kerry’s son. [10] and sent a camera upon the boy to film him styling, because the son of Edwards had tried to seduce all women voters. Now Cheney had come to the debate of the Americans where Edwards mentioned his daughter, breaking deepest rules of civil discourse: moreover Cheney knew something and Edwards nothing [15] and Cheney besought the Democrats, but most of all the two, Kerry and Edwards, who were their chiefs. “Man of Breck,” he cried, “you of the helmet hair, may you never have my baldness, but recall this, Bush and I have kept your homes in safety; [20] and freed noble Iraq, and we accept no ransom for hostages, in reverence to Adams, son of Adams.” On this the rest of the Americans with one voice were for respecting noble Cheny and voting the ticket that he offered; but not so Edwards, [25] who yipped at him and made his bangs to flip. “Old man,” said he, “let me not find you carrying on about Iraq, nor yet speaking of safety. Your wisdom from the gods and your work shall profit you nothing. My goal is women’s votes. And I know they loath the old [30] and love rougish boys like me, busying myself with comb and compact; so go, and do not provoke me or I shall make fun of your suit.”

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