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The Situation

Who is winning the presidential race?Here is an easy way to answer this question. Whose position would you want if you were one of the candidates? Here are three reasons I think Bush is winning and that the race will not be as close as we might think.1. Bush is leading or tied in all the major polls. The undecided are not breaking toward Kerry. There are very few left. Kerry core voters (a smaller group) are motivated by hatred of Bush. Bush voters love Bush. I lived through Dole/Clinton. Believe me love moves men to action better than hate.2. If Bush gets Ohio and Florida, it is highly unlikely he will lose. Florida looks best at the moment and that is the weakest state for Bush. Ohio is fundamentally a Republican state. If I were John Kerry and I was counting on the voters of Ohio to save me, I would feel very, very worried. Amazingly Bush does not need Ohio to win. He could put together a victory without it.3. Gay marriage is on the ballot in many swing states. Dean was right (in a round-about way): “God, Guns, and Gays” are going to kill Kerry. Bush will run behind pro-marriage votes in most states.We need Bush. Remind yourself that the terrorists in Iraq are trying to kill people to defeat Bush. Never vote for anyone who spends more time angry at Bush than at the terrorists.Remind yourself of our core values and the three best reasons to vote for Bush:1. Bush is fighting to expand liberty in the world. If it works, then he will be a Rushmore president and it will lead to a more lasting peace in the world. Such promise is worth the difficulty and the risk.2. Bush believes in a culture of life and in marriage. John Kerry will try to force Christians to pay for abortions and will undermine marriage.3. Bush has a sane view of economics. The prosperity of my neighbor does not mean my neighbor took something from me. One cannot steal the wealth of others to help anyone. Bush knows “thou shalt not covet” is more than good advice. When Kerry claims he will tax the rich, he is revealing an entire life spent coveting the wealth of others. He will further cut taxes while providing help for those who cannot help themselves.

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