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The Versus Game

My family likes to play “the versus game.” We like to match two characters in a WWF all holds allowed contest. Who would win a race Dash or the Flash? (Flash) Some Historic Fights: Donald versus Daffy Duck (Daffy), Micky versus Reepicheep (Reep unless it is the Micky of the Steam Boat Willie era), Batman versus Captain Kirk (no weapons) (Batman), Dracula versus the Loch Ness Monster (Nessie), C.S. Lewis versus Derrida (Lewis), Lewis versus King Kong (King Kong), Barth versus Chrysostom (Chrysostom unless each person got to use their own books as missiles), Barth versus Limbaugh (Barth), Hugh Hewitt versus Bill Clinton (Hewitt), Hugh Hewitt versus Nessie (Nessie).Superman is not allowed in fights as he is too powerful. Godzilla also is banned under this rule.Who would win a Hewitt versus Pastore fight? My children all say Pastore on the grounds that he is an Alpha male. What does this make Hewitt? (My children have met Pastore, but not Hewitt.)In fact, Pastore versus Nessie drew some support (from our baseball fanatic daughter) for Pastore. This is remarkable.I have other speculations on this game here.

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