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Tired of Sullivan Indignation – Daily Dish: “And this is the justification for banning gay unions in the constitution itself. So I – as a gay person – am somehow a threat to ‘family and faith’?”Yes, Mr. Sullivan, you are. Your life style is immoral and your demand that we recognize it as equal to marriage is harming our culture. It openly breaks the laws of nature and of nature’s god. You should not be persecuted, but we will not sanction your taste in sin. We shall not ask anyone else to sanction our own problems either.We are happy to leave you alone, but do not ask us to give you benefits for your problems.Mr. Sullivan replies to the long religious and secular tradition now only with righteous indignation. The fact that we would use the constitutional process to keep marriage from being changed by people who want to use the courts to do so somehow makes us the bad guys.

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