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To Some Fair Lady

The life of the college professor is not too bad. Everything you do is interesting. You work with fascinating people and get paid to think about things you love. Your work is play. On top of it, people take what you say too seriously. We educate, and that is important, but we receive our reward.There is another sort of educator. She, and they are mostly the fair sex, works in much tougher conditions. She loves her students. Every day this teacher works to prepare lesson plans and interesting discussions. Her students seldom thank her and often take her for granted. The mainstream media stereotypes her when it is not ignoring her.And yet if Western civilization is to be saved, she is on the front lines. Her school has not and never will bow to the state. Her educational program suits the needs of her students and she innovates where others imitate. An entire industry was created to meet her needs. Her students are not driven by the latest educational fad and are not taught that peers are the last word.The state spends billions to fail to do what she does with her tears and the perfume of her sacrificed wealth.In the crisis of relativism, she has sided with the Absolutes.In the age of narcissism, she has given up much to serve.She is the kitchen table Socrates, the genius of the home made lab, and the last pioneer in the one room school house.Someone should thank these mothers who school at home. They are analyzed, probed, and discussed. America should stop and just be thankful.God help us if they grow discouraged. God save us if they grow tired of our ignorance and abandon their post. If the hand that rocks the cradle once ruled the world, these hard working hands that are creating an alternate culture may save it.If you can find a homeschool mother, thank her.

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