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Uncle Tony Award

Yes, it is once again Uncle Tony time.This week we shall be giving out an “Uncle Tony” award to those evangelical who manage to get in the highly anticipated, though a bit over due, “Look! Not all evangelicasl are conservatives!” story. The main stream media usually runs one of these hold-your-breath stories about now. They find some usual suspect like award namesake Tony Campolo who play “Uncle Tom” for the establishment. This “prophetic” voice will castigate pew sitting evangelicals while ignoring Kerry’s support of infanticide and gay rights. (Such courage!) No one in the media will ask the Uncle Tony of record if he or she actually supports evangelical doctrines (such as inerrancy). No. Instead, the Uncle Tony will get breathless admiration. Eighty percent of evangelical will vote for Bush, but the Uncle Tony will have done his or her work.So ladies and gentlemen: the best Uncle Tony story sent to me via this web site will win the tape set of his or her choice! No points for Ron Sider. No points for the Uncle Tony himself. Extra points if the story does the “Jesus cared about the poor” routine. Double points for a story with “young people are turned off by Republican politics in church” angle.Let the games begin!

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