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Welcome to the New Scriptorium Daily

Welcome to the new Scriptorium Daily, which if you have been around for a while might remind you of the old Scriptorium Daily.

We are very grateful to our friends at Patheos for hosting us the past few years.  Joining forces was an experiment, one that they made easy to say “yes” to and their kindness and support made difficult to leave.  We appreciate everything they are doing over there and encourage you to keep up with them.

But it became clear to us over the past few months that it was time to return to our old haunts.  The Scriptorium Daily has always been the front porch of Biola University’s Torrey Honors Institute, and we’re eager to keep that role at the forefront of people’s minds.

We built the site with a few goals in mind.

First, we wanted an aesthetically compelling home that is warm and inviting.  At the Torrey Honors Institute, our motto is Bonum Verum Pulchrum–the Good, the True, and the Beautiful. Sadly, the last of these often gets overlooked, especially online.  But we want to make it clear that our commitment to discovering the beautiful pervades everything we do, including the fleeting world of the internet.

Second, we wanted a site where the words could be read with minimal clutter and distraction.  Words are still valuable, even when they are free.  We want to ensure that when you come read our work, the words will hold your attention.

Third, we wanted ways of bringing back to the foreground posts from our immense archives.  On March 27th, we will have been writing here a full decade.  We have thousands of essays in the archives on subjects ranging from a Charlie Brown Christmas to the theology of hugging.  (We’re actually not joking about that.)

Justin Tucker has done an incredible job putting things together around here.  If you need development or design work, we strongly commend him to you.  Contact him at

There are a variety of ways to keep up with us.  You can subscribe by RSS here or you can follow us on Twitter or Facebook.  And we are going to be releasing a bi-weekly email that will provide links to all the work being done at Scriptorium Daily, and to other lectures, events, and content from the Torrey Honors Institute.

Finally, there may be a few errors or troubles around.  If you notice anything or want to give us feedback on anything, please send us an email at  Thanks for reading.

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