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What will Bishop do?

If Tom Hanks stars in the Da Vinci Code film, what will the Greek Orthodox clergy do?Someone should ask the Greek bishop of Los Angeles what he will think if a person who frequently attends his church takes money for a film based on a book that argues that Jesus got married and that worship of a goat god is a good thing. Is it o.k. for Orthodox Christians to make money on a film based on a book that says traditional Christianity is evil?Does Hanks receive communion while making a movie that argues that communion is foisted on us to hide the truth?It is a free country. Hanks can make any film he wants to make. However, the Church need not extend fellowship to someone making an openly blasphemous film.Will the Church take a stand? We can trust that the fact that Hanks is a “star” and has a great deal of money will have no impact on the decision. We know that pastoral ministry should be private. Nobody wants Hanks private conversations with clergy made public, but a public film is about to come out with a person who has identified himself in interviews as “Orthodox.” What are the faithful to think?

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