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Why I am a Republican

Why should a Christian be a Republican? First, no political party should dominate our thinking. Christianity is not just first in my view of the world; it is the only view of the world.Having said that, it seems important to me to work for and with the Republican Party and not just stand on the edge of the field being critical. No party is perfect, but the Republican Party maximizes my ability to make a difference. So why am I a Republican?The Republican Party has a glorious past. It was founded to free the slaves. Abraham Lincoln, the greatest president of the United States, was its first president. It has always had an active, evangelical wing. It has never been the party of bigotry and disunity. The Republican Party has long been comfortable with Western tradition and a sensible Christian civil religious fingerprint in policy. It is no accident that before it went mad, the Episcopal Church could be called the Republican Party at prayer. While a great advocate of social justice causes, it also has always had a high respect for tradition. Republicans produced Theodore Roosevelt, a patrician reformer. Democrats produced Woodrow Wilson, perhaps the worst President of the twentieth century. The Republicans are the party of government. William Jennings Bryan, three times the Democrat nominee for President, gave great speeches. Republicans ran the nation and made her great. Democrats weep for the poor and produce programs that create more poor. Republicans reduce the number of poor and create citizens. Democrats pit the haves against the have nots. Republicans unite Main Street and Wall Street. Republicans are the party of the well lived life. The Republican Party respects innocent human life and if it errs, does so in the direction of life. On the other hand, as the rational and religious party, it makes no idol of simply being alive. It takes murder seriously enough to demand the life of the murderer. It knows that a defense of freedom, which brings the death of some brave boys in uniform, is better than a life of slavery. Ronald Reagan was a Republican and only Reagan had the nerve to call communism an unthinkable option.Republicans believe in liberty and not mere freedom. It understands that every man should have the freedom to do whatever good he can find. On the other hand, it understands that no man has a right to do evil. Republicans are the party of law and order who do not go too far. Republicans would ban abortion, but not ban your right to do business. Republicans accept that the state does some things well, but that there are other spheres of human authority. Strong families are necessary for a strong Republic. Democrats may every area of life dependent on government; Republicans strengthen other social groups to oppose government run amuck. We are not opposed to government, we govern, but we are opposed to government that prevents good. Democrats are libertines opposed to liberty. They would allow children to access porn in the local public library, but would regulate Dad’s business to death. Republicans see no right to evil and would allow local government to regulate the library, but would leave Dad alone to produce wealth. Put simply Republicans are joiners and do-ers. Democrats are whiners and activists. Is the Republican Party perfect? By no means, no human institution, including Christian ones can be perfect. But a primary vote is the most powerful vote I have and I plan on using it to back the one party that support rational families, a well lived life, and liberty.

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