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Why Number One? Robertson and the Story that Will Not Die

Talk on television enough and you will say something stupid. Imagine blogging with a world wide audience and no ability to edit!Robertson said something that cannot be justified. No traditional Christian can condone his call to kill a leader in any but the most extreme circumstance. It was bad and his “apology” confused.However, why the interest in the story which is number one on Technorati? Robertson reached the peak of his power in 1988. That is a good long time ago. The left has at least as many crazy tv folk.Why does Robertson fascinate us? He is an interesting person, of course. There are not many Senator’s sons, Yale grads, who turn t.v. preacher. Not many Americans get 1.9 million votes for President. (Amazing fact: Robertson, against the sitting Vice President of Ronald Reagan got more votes than Howard Dean who, if I am reading the data right, got fewer than one million votes. Tell your liberal friend: Robertson got twice as many votes as Howard Dean.) Not many folk start billion dollar networks or grad schools with a decent law school.On the other hand, not many people write books quite as mad as “New World Order.”Or say as many odd-ball things that fit stereotypes of Christians.So Robertson serves the left by confirming (often) their stereotypes. He confounds the right by doing so much that is good and then under cutting it by things nobody can defend. (And I am not defending him.) That makes for a big conversation as right wingers distance themselves quickly and the left wing chortles.

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