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Why People Think Print Media is Biased

Bush avoids label of job-loss president: “Bush avoids label of job-loss presidentAssociated Press ^ | February 5, 2005 | JEANNINE AVERSAPosted on 02/05/2005 8:20:56 AM PST by DubyaWASHINGTON —- President Bush has narrowly escaped becoming the first president since Herbert Hoover to lose jobs on his watch.Questions about the health of the nation’s jobs market dogged Bush throughout his first term, and Democrats used the issue in the presidential campaign. Ultimately, the jobs situation and the economy weren’t enough of a concern to deny Bush a second term.”What is the actual news? Bush gained jobs in his terms.When Kerry said Bush was the first President to lose jobs in his term since Hoover, he was wrong. Unemployment is lower than it was for most of the Clinton administration. Someone will always be unemployed. A politician cannot admit it, but zero unemployment is impossible or bad. (Bad if we had more jobs than workers.) Think of the negative spin of this story. Bush “avoids.” It is not that his plan worked. Bush and the negative phrase “job-loss” are linked in the headline. Hoover’s name is linked to Bush in the head line. (Why not: Bush has experienced some of the lowest unemployment in recent American history, comparing well to Reagan and Clinton.) The second sentence deals with Democrat talking points as if the miracle of their refutation is the real story. Bush could not be “denied” a second term . . . as if that was the objective.

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