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Wonderful Collection: Defy Hollywood and Buy the CD!

The Passion of the Christ was the best movie of 2004. I proclaim it so with the all the authority I have. Sadly, for Mr. Gibson I have no authority to make such a proclamation outside of my little house on Jalisco Road. . . and even my kids are pulling for the incredible. . . but then they don’t count since they couldn’t see Passion.So let’s try again. Imagine a movie that carried an R rating and became one of the biggest ticket sellers of all time. Imagine a film that was not in English and became a block buster. Imagine a movie that tried to be artistically excellent, and in some measure was, and still got people to sit in seats and watch. Imagine a movie with no real big stars that still drew the folks. Now put all these into one package, stir in a group that wanted it banned, and you get lots of awards. Right? Right?Wrong.Why worry? Oscar frequently snubs the best picture while rewarding trash. If you are kid or religion friendly, best picture has been out of reach for quite some time. Of course, generally what most people making movies think we want for our families are slap-together horrors like the Piglet Movie. I defy anyone over eight anywhere to watch this movie twice. It cannot be done.By making such trash, Hollywood can justify their sneer at families. After all, no wants to see it, we all know it is garbage, so now on to another award for “Serious Pretentious, but Big Studio Friendly Film of the Moment.””What do you want us to do,” they sigh, “Give an award to the Piglet Movie?”Well, no. Why not make good movies that are also family and faith friendly? Even the mildly entertaining (to grownups) Princess Diaries did well.The good news is that such films are on the way. The next Walt Disney of Family Films, Philip Anschutz, (or is he Roy? Either way, he is full of exciting ideas!) is finding his way. Even Disney is seeing the light teaming up with the sort of person who should be running their business to produce Narnia.The bad news is that Narnia is not until December and we need a good media fix now.So back to the Passion and my suggestion for your buying pleasure Passion of the Christ: Songs. This is fine music by solid musicians with some songs that make the entire collection worth purchase. The CD contains a challenging mix of styles, but the powerful story behind the film keeps it from becoming disjointed. Some of the cuts are excellent. Truly Amazing with P.O.D. is. The Passion with Lauryn Hill is searing and thought provoking. It is rare for a song to invoke head and heart. This one does it. Some of the cuts are more paint by numbers, but none demand the skip button on your player.This is our chance to vote with our wallets and encourage people doing quality, mainstream, religion friendly stuff to keep doing so.

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