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Is this the New Monasticism?

Saw this on the BBC’s website. Couldn’t resist.

A priest and two nuns have allegedly beaten up a restaurant boss in the village of Rutino near Salerno in southern Italy.

Antonio Esposito, 49, was taken to hospital with neck and stomach injuries allegedly after a dispute concerning the restaurant lease. Italian police said the restaurant was left looking like a scene from a “wild west saloon.” The priest and nuns deny the allegations, their lawyer says. “Let’s be realistic here, all three have a combined age of 160 so it’s not very likely they are going to attack a 49-year-old man,” said the lawyer, Gaetano Di Vietri. The restaurant is owned by the local religious order who want the property back and claim it is being occupied illegally. Mr Esposito told police that the priest hit him over the head with a chair and the nuns followed by kicking him. Police say witnesses saw three attackers throwing tables and chairs then turning on the owner. No formal charges have been made but local police are continuing to investigate.

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