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Jacko Meets Steve-o

A propos of absolutely nothing (though faintly recalling an earlier post), check out Steve Martin’s version of ‘Thriller’.

Funny, and footloose…

Martin’s not the only famous person who knows how to dance. Look at this utterly surprising video for Fatboy Slim’s ‘Weapon of Choice’, featuring Christopher Walken.

You may have already seen ‘Here It Goes Again’ performed by virtuosic treadmill dancers.

While not famous individually, the Pilobolus dance troupe left open-mouthed while watching the Oscars not long ago.

Then there’s the deacon of dance, John Travolta. Here he is grooving to ‘You Should Be Dancing’.

And, the best of all, seriously:

Gene Kelly and ‘I Got Rhythm’ from An American in Paris.

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