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The Wooden Sword of Playmobil

playmobil gladiators enter What’s better than Playmobil? I’m not trying to be controversial here, and I don’t want to pick any fights with my Legocentric brethren, but the Playmobil toys are wonderful things. If you don’t have children in your house, it’s a real challenge to think of excuses for playing with these amazing little plastic figures. But those of us with younguns underfoot are free to swear that we’re just doing it for the kids. You know… for kids! O

Well, the good volk at have a series of advertisements free cartoons available, and I’ve seen them all. But here’s a hot tip for those who want to be in the in crowd: The German site has even more cartoons, including a brand new one about Roman gladiators: The Wooden Sword. The cartoon supports their well-done new toy line on ancient Rome.

playmobil gladiators 2 The Wooden Sword is a tiny epic, a tale of barbarian Gladiators captured by Roman forces and fighting in the arena to win their freedom. All acted out by Playmobil figures instead of Russell Crowe. You also get to fight hungry lions, jump over battle wagons, and dodge arrows in the interactive part of the show. Summa cum laude = ausgezeichnet!

I’m no expert on ancient Rome, but I do get to teach my way through some of the primary texts every year in the great books cycle here at Torrey. And it looks like the animators at Playmobil have done some research to get the decorations and battle formations right. So while you’re enjoying the happy land of Playmobil, you can also pick up some good glimpses of the less happy land of Rome.

Sprechen sie Deutsch nicht so gut? Not to worry: Even with no German reading knowledge, you can probably navigate your way around the site. So go ahead, treat yourself to Das Hölzerne Schwert, The Wooden Sword.

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