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Where is John Mark Reynolds?

JMNR where are you So you’re reading your favorite blogs, you click on John Mark Reynolds’ Eidos, and wippety-bang next thing you know you’re at Middlebrow wondering what all the Trinity stuff is about, who Fred Sanders is, who gave him the keys to the blog, and if this is his idea of a good imitation of Reynolds.

No, this is my idea of a good imitation of Reynolds:

Lincoln Chafee just doesn’t get it. He behaves with no more moxie or pizzazz than a common cad, as Trollope would say. What the people want to know is, which side of the Russian revolution would he have been on? Everybody knows the Czar was British, and would have caned the blaggards on the Titanic if the game had been worth the candle. My heart yearns for the day when The Good, the True, and the Beautiful are more than a film franchise at the strip mall (which isn’t too bad!). Bible this, culture that. So in conclusion, it’s all in Plato. What are they teaching in schools these days? I love my wife.

The fact is, John Mark and I, along with pedagogicus maximus Paul Spears, have undertaken to gang up on this blog for a while. At the appointed hour, I began posting here. To my surprise (and the consternation of a few hundred of you per day, apparently), The Director has gone incommunicado for several days after setting his Eidos controls to redirect.

My apologies to those of you who are suffering browser whiplash. I’m just going to keep doing my own thing here for a while (more Trinity, more theology, more classics), and Reynolds should be showing up sometime soon. If he doesn’t, I will taunt him yet again with victorian slang.

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