Essay / Theology

Reflections on the Annunciation

John Mark Reynolds, 2004.

Today we reflect on the Annunciation. Mary becomes the Mother of God. Gabriel, the Strength of God, comes to make this world morphing announcement to Mary. Why does God send an angel? Couldn’t the Divine have done the job better himself? Of course. God excels at everything. He is like that kid in high school who gets 1600 on the SAT, stars in five sports, and is good looking. Only more so. Infinintely more so. So why send Gabriel?God delights in allowing his creatures to do things. He does not need creatures, but he chooses to use them. It delights Him. Angels like to give messages and so God sends them on their designated tasks. Every creature fills some niche in God’s great plan. There are no blank spaces in creation, every slot has been filled. Each being has something for which he has been especially made and God let’s each being fill that position. So God let Gabriel make the biggest announcement in history to date, because he delighted in seeing Gabriel do what he was designed to do. God help us. We too can serve as God’s voice and messenger in the world, not because He needs us, but because we can.

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