The Scriptorium Daily is the front porch of Torrey Honors College at Biola University. Established in 2004, Scriptorium Daily is the place where Torrey faculty members share with the world some of the ongoing conversation that makes up the life of the College. Every day we are reading classic texts together, shaping lives, and building a culture.

We hope you enjoy overhearing our conversations, ramblings, book reports, and occasional arguments about the good, the true, the beautiful, and the miscellaneous.

We pursue the Good,
the True and the Beautiful.
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Adam Johnson

Adam focuses on the doctrine of the atonement, using theological, biblical, historical and literary sources. He loves hiking, making rope-swings, and generally having fun with his wife Katrina and their three sons. Read more about Adam here.

Diane Vincent

Diane is a medievalist whose specialty is heresy, pedagogy, and the use of religious language. She can be interested in just about anything—modern dance, economics, the chemistry of cooking—and reads widely. She loves to scheme with her husband Dominic and their contemplative preschooler and valiant toddler. Read more about Diane here.

Greg Peters

Greg is a native Virginian who loves to travel and read. He serves as an ordained Anglican pastor and spends time with his wife Christina and sons Brendan and Nathanael. Read more about Greg here.

Isaac Blois

Isaac Blois is a New Testament scholar who received his training at the University of St. Andrews, where he studied the intersection of Jewish theology with the Greco-Roman milieu of Paul’s early-Christian correspondents in the Roman colony of Philippi. Isaac is passionate about reading and helping others read the Bible as a whole, a love which was fostered and developed during his undergraduate years as a student in Torrey Honors College.

Jane Kim

Jane focuses on Dante's poetic theology and its influence on British Romantic conceptions of poet and poetry. She is currently focusing on 18th and 19th century British Literature, and the bible and literature. Jane is thrilled to be a part of the Biola and Torrey Communities. Read more about Jane here.

Joe Henderson

Joe teaches Bible, literature, and hermeneutics. He is a graduate of Fuller Seminary, Asbury Seminary, Asbury University, and the Rift Valley Academy. Joe and his wife Conchie have three children: Kip, William, and Laurel. Read more about Joe here.

Mark Makin

Mark is a philosopher specializing in contemporary metaphysics and epistemology. His research focuses on the nature of explanation in metaphysics. Mark also enjoys playing jazz saxophone, watching Jane Austen film adaptations, the New York Giants, and exploring America’s national parks. He and his wife, Carri, also a graduate of Biola and Torrey, live in Whittier with their two children. Read more about Mark here.

Matt Jenson

Matt is a systematic theologian specializing in theological anthropology and ecclesiology. He is part of Fountain of Life Covenant Church and a licensed minister in the Evangelical Covenant Church. Read more about Matt here.

Matthew Wright

Matthew is a political theorist who works especially within the Thomistic-Aristotelian natural law tradition. He also loves Burke, barbecue, and bluegrass. He and his Southern wife, Ruthie, have three children, Jackson, Harry, and Mary Clement. Read more about Matthew here.

Melissa Schubert

Melissa happily studies Renaissance English poetry, which has persuaded her that the world is almost infinitely interesting. She finds confirmation that it is so regularly, whether exploring the world in her garden, on her bike, or alongside her nieces and nephews. Read more about Melissa here.

Paul Spears

The director of Torrey Honors College, Paul is intensely interested in how foundational philosophical commitments drive educational theories. Before teaching at Biola, Dr. Spears was a youth minister for five years. Read more about Paul here.

R.A. Torrey

Reuben Archer Torrey (1856-1928) helped found Biola University. A graduate of Yale, he pastored churches, wrote books, and toured the world on evangelical campaigns. His Statement of Doctrine is still held by Biola. Read more about R. A. Torrey here.