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Airport Haiku

fast green plane Here’s some cheap pseudo-haiku composed in flight this week. Accompanying it is a drawing by Freddy Age Six of a green airplane flying from left to right, with a propeller spinning and a happy pilot head sticking out.

I’m leaving on a jet plane.
Don’t know when be back.
Oh babe. Oh. I hate to go.

A big old jet air-liner
Carries me away.
It’s here that I got to stay.

Fasten seat belt while seated.
Life vest under seat.
Thank you for flying with us.

An in-flight film so dreadful
No escaping it
Mortal, try to look away.

In between two professors:
“I did not know that.
Your subject is intriguing.”

I need you, but did not know,
Hammacher Schlemmer
Voice-activated robot.

Big angry Dutch passenger.
Deep-vein thrombosis.
Things I should worry about.

When a plane drives, it taxis.
But when a cab flies,
That is called an accident.

Run fast with your carry-on,
Your connecting flight
Is fifty-five gates away.

Sleeping in an airplane seat—
Like jumbo shrimp or dark light.

Please prepare for arrival,
For surely we all
Must arrive somewhere sometime.

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