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Beginnings and Creations in the Magician’s Nephew

Torrey Inklings magician nephew

In October 2014, five of the faculty of the Torrey Honors Institute had a public discussion of C.S. Lewis’ The Magician’s Nephew as part of Biola’s annual University Day. There was a lovely audience there, but we barely let them get a word in. Did I mention there were five of us? We were too busy interrupting each other to take the time to interrupt the audience.

The interdisciplinary fun is brought to you by three systematic theologians, an early modern literature scholar, and a philosopher of education.

Think of it as an extended-play, five-person episode of The Common Room, our periodic video series. You can watch it at Open Biola (the university’s concerted effort to give away as much free educational content as possible), or view it embedded here:

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