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Cordial Salutations of Domestic Felicitation

mr and mrs bird Mr. Bird returns from a morning of hunting and gathering, descending with a dramatic flourish and imposing wingspread. He has a wild look in his eye, and a few unkempt feathers that could use a good kemping. Though his beak remains tightly closed, he shouts a loud greeting at his dear spouse, who returns both the greeting and the gesture. Mrs. Bird fills up the cozy nest which is wedged snugly into the crook of a treebranch. It is not at all clear where Mr. Bird is going to land if the nest is drawn to scale.

In his upper wing Mr. Bird carries a transparent bag. You can see that it is filled with the two favorite foods of birds everywhere: seeds and worms, represented by dots and lines. In his other wing is a surprise.

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