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Credo: Trinity Issue

Everybody knows about the magazine called Credo, right? It’s a newish (started 2011) quarterly that is made available for free online (via issuu or pdf). Each issue is elaborately designed and in full color, and the content so far has been excellent. Matthew Barrett of California Baptist University is the executive editor, and he and his team are doing great work.

The latest issue of Credo is on the Trinity, and it’s remarkably well put together. I did one of the articles in it (on the Trinity and the gospel), but check out the rest of the line-up: Scott Swain on the Trinity in Scripture, Michael Reeves on the Trinity compared to other ideas of God, and Robert Letham on the Trinity in worship. These are brief articles contributed by authors who have written books on these subjects.

There is also a substantial interview with Stephen Holmes regarding his recent barnstormer of a book on how modern theology has (mis-)handled the doctrine (the book: Quest for the Trinity). Holmes’ other recent book, on Baptist theology, also gets a lengthy review, by the way.

And in a stroke of editorial genius, there’s a “Five Minutes with” feature that asks Joey Allen, author of the best book on the Trinity for very young kids, how we should talk about the Trinity with children (the book: Big  Thoughts for Little Thinkers: The Trinity).  “I am baffled,” he says, “that teaching the Trinity is often seen as something other than teaching about God.”

Also plenty of book reviews, bibliographic recommendations, an interview with Challies, a quick roundtable about the importance of doctrinal history, and wise editorials in this issue. It’s 75 pages, free to download or to turn the pages online. You can also get to the back issues of the magazine via the same site.  Get there through the announcement at the Credo website.

If you’re into the Trinity, go get this issue now.





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