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Eat the Word of God

James Gray Moody About one year ago, I wrote an article here about an old-fashioned method of Bible study that delivers more power than most other kinds of Bible study I’ve tried. The basic idea is to focus on one book, and read it repeatedly (but there are some helpful details worth enumerating). A few months later, Joe Carter at the Evangelical Outpost linked the post and added his own testimony that he had tried the recommended method and was thrilled with what was happening in his life in the word. Joe challenged his readers to try it. Another blogger, in contrarian fashion, decided the method was good but that it could be used with any book. He called it “benign brainwashing” and subjected himself to 20 days of reading Emerson. Yikes! But the point is, this re-re-re-re-reading technique can deliver noticeable results.

Today, Joe recycled the post, so I figured I’d do the same. Check out my report on James M. Gray’s How To Master the English Bible here. And as James M. Gray, Joe Carter, and I are eager to emphasize: TRY IT. Don’t just consider the notion; this is something you have to experience if you’re going to understand it.

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