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Finishing Up With "On This Day" In This Year

Since 2009 I’ve been noodling away at the “On This Day” essays here at Scriptorium Daily. I started them on a lark during Christmas break 2009, got around to describing my goals for the series sometime in March, and kept at it whenever time permitted.

I wrote entries for about half the days of the calendar during 2009, then filled in a lot of gaps during 2010 as the dates rolled around again. In 2011 Scriptorium Daily added the little “On This Day” sidebar, and I filled in a few more of the gaps as they cycled by. They’ve helped keep the “Daily” in “Scriptorium Daily.”

Now that 2012 is here, it seems like it’s high time to complete the series and have all 365 days covered. If you collate all the entries from the past three years (see my notes page here, if you’re interested), you get a pretty good run of essays, with no major gaps showing up until April. After that, June, September, and November will be needing some work.

So I do hereby announce my intention to finish out the series this year, writing the remaining essays for the series. I’ll also keep posting the daily links on Twitter (@FredFredSanders) throughout 2012, and long-time readers are duly warned that most of those will be re-runs.

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