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Introducing the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

About twenty years ago I saw for the first time “The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge.” I was interested in the book at once, and commenced to use it in my daily study of the Word of God. I went through book after book of the Bible, verse by verse, with the aid of “The Treasury.” I found that it enabled me, better than all the commentaries, to come to a true knowledge of God’s meaning.

There is no other commentary on the Bible so helpful as the Bible itself. There is not a difficult passage in the Bible that is not explained and made clear by other passages of the Bible, and this book is marvellously useful in bringing to light those other parts of the Bible that throw light upon the portion that is being studied. But not only does the book illuminate dark places, it also emphasizes the truth by bringing in a multitude of witnesses. It also greatly strengthens faith, for one cannot study his Bible with the aid of “The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge” without getting a deeper conviction of the unity of the entire Book. As he compares Scripture with Scripture and sees how what Paul says fits in to what Jesus said, and John said, and Peter said, and Isaiah said, and the Psalmist said; when he sees how every doctrine of the New Testament regarding Christ, His Divine-human nature, His holy character, His atoning death, and His resurrection, ascension, and coming again is enfolded in the types of the Pentateuch, Prophets, and Psalms, he becomes overwhelmingly convinced that the whole Bible has one real Author behind the many human authors. “The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge” enables on, not only to understand the Word, but to feed upon the Word.

In preparing notes on the Sunday School lessons for publication, and notes on the various books of the Bible, I have found more help in “The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge” than in all other books put together. I have recommended the use of the book to many people, and in after years they have thanked me for calling their attention to this book. Their experiences with it have been similar to mine.

One great advantage of the book is its portability. One who has to travel much cannot take a large number of commentaries with him, but in “The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge” he will find the substance of all that is best in many commentaries.

–Originally published as the Introduction to a reprint of the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge.

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