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“Something We Would Not Have the Right to Expect” [Video]

gci books everywhereAbout six months ago I did a couple of interviews with the folks at Grace Communion (click here for the first one). The second and final episode is now available. In it, Mike Morrison asks me about two of my favorite, most Trinitarian subjects: adoption and prayer.

Here’s an excerpt of what we discuss about the soteriology of adoption:

Our relationship as saved, our relationship by faith with God, is a relationship of sonship. That’s an intimate relationship that the Bible wants to make known to us. It’s more than what you would reasonably expect the relationship between a creator and his creation to be. I think that just in the abstract, an all mighty creator who produces a creation is going to stand in a lordship or mastery relationship to whatever is created, and so you could make a list of things that we intelligent creatures owe God by nature and by the nature of our createdness, and I think it would be totally appropriate to talk about all those things in language of being subjects of a master.

The New Testament, with great excitement, announces something beyond that and says all of that is still true. We still stand in a relation of creatures to a creator, but we’re, also, taken into something more intimate and something that we would not have the right to expect just by deducing it from our createdness.

Click on through to their site for the full video program, including a transcript for quicker skimming. Or view it embedded here:





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