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Theology Students, Get to LATC 2013

Theology students of all sorts, and especially those of you within driving range of southern California, it’s time to register for the first annual Los Angeles Theology Conference (Jan 17 & 18). It’s two days on the doctrine of christology from some of the top scholars in the field: Crisp, Hunsinger, Leithart, Sonderegger, Torrance. And we’ve got nine good parallel papers from folks like Telford Work and Scott Swain.

And never mind the presenters, just take a look around the audience at this LA Theology Conference and you’ll find Murray Rae (Otago), Dan Treier (Wheaton), Marc Cortez (Western), Steve Sherman (Regent), Gary Deddo (Grace Communion), and a crew of professors from Cal Baptist including Matthew Barrett. Discussion should be lively and informative throughout the event.

The conference fee is $100, but the student discount is $20 off of that. And if you get a group of ten students together, you can also each take the group discount, which is another $15 off.

Another price incentive for students to consider is that several publishers will be exhibiting their books on site (Zondervan, Eerdmans, Baker, InterVarsity, Wipf & Stock, etc.), and conference attenders will be able to purchase books at a deep discount.

If you’re still not convinced, or maybe you just prefer your information in video format, here’s a film of two of the conference planners explaining why you should come. Notice the subtle symbolism involved: Crisp’s gesture shows wisdom. The curtain behind him symbolizes the veiling/unveiling dialectic of revelation. The partial frame behind my head represents the need for closure and the possibility of re-framing a discussion. Our reflections in the tabletop show the depth of reflection at this event. The water glasses mean refreshments will be provided.


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