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There Will be Trinitarian Hip Hop…

but have no fear, it won’t be me doing the rapping.

I’m doing a workshop on the Trinity (why to love it, how to defend it) at the first-ever Los Angeles-based event for the Legacy Movement. It’ll be an all-day event on Saturday, April 9 in Compton, combining training workshops with a main speaker (Shai Linne) and concluding with a multi-artist concert (Katalyst, Propaganda, Sho Baraka among others). The workshops will be taught by a bunch of L.A.-area ministers, including my LABTS colleagues Bobby Scott and Anthony Kidd.

If you’re in the vicinity of Los Angeles, check out this great opportunity for serious training and encouragement. I promise to leave the hip hop to the professionals (who are guaranteed to be richly trinitarian and gospel-centered), and stick to the less lyrical variety of theology.

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