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Three Vintage Posts on Hebrews

As I launch into a semester of teaching Hebrews and a year of hearing it preached, I wanted to exhume these 3 Scriptorium posts I wrote in late 2010, the last time I taught a class on the book. By the way, the little title logo I made for this series takes the first page of Hebrews from the manuscript p46 as its anchor.

Most Helpful Books on Hebrews:  Not quite a straightforward “best commentaries” list, but this assortment of reference works is what floated to the top of the pile on my desk as I ransacked the stack week by week for help.

Diversely and Diffusely in Days of Old: An attempt to translate the first sentence in a way that retains some of the features normally lost in (actual, good) translations.

A Quick Look at the History of Revelation: The cartoony chart I usually draw when teaching the first sentence. You know you want to swipe it. And improve on it.





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