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Trinity Book Title

Back in the seventeenth century, you could write a book and give it a title that included most of the content. In fact, as far as I can tell, Cheynell’s Divine Triunity has a title page which is nearly a chapter long. If I were to assign this book in class, I’m sure the first question from students would be, “Do we have to read the title as well, or just the book?” And in this case, that would be a reasonable question.

So here, if you have enough time to devote to reading the title, is Cheynell’s Divine Triunity from 1650.

The Divine Triunity
of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit:
The blessed Doctrine of the three
Coessentiall Subsistents in the
eternall Godhead without any confu-
sion or division of the distinct
Subsistences, or multiplication
of the most single and
entire Godhead,

Acknowledged, beleeved, adored by Christisns, in
opposition to Pagans, Jewes, Mahumetans, blas-
phemous and Antichristian Hereticks, who say
they are Christians, but are not.

Declared and Published for the edification and satisfaction
of all such as worship the only true God, Father, Son,
and Holy Spirit, all three as one and the selfsame God
blessed forever.

Dr. FRANCIS CHEYNELL, Minister of that Gospel
which is revealed from heaven by Father, Son, and holy
Spirit in the holy Scriptures of truth.

Printed by T. K. and E. M. for Samuel Gellibrand
at the Ball in Paul’s Church yard. 1650.

Whooo! Just the title is enough to start four or five arguments.

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