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Trinity Episodes on White Horse Inn

I’m a guest on two recent episodes of the White Horse Inn, along with regulars Mike Horton, Kim Riddlebarger, and Rod Rosenbladt.

The topic is the Trinity, and the two shows are in support of the latest issue of Modern Reformation magazine,  The Trinity Issue (with articles by me, Carl Trueman, James White, etc.).

The first episode, “Exploring the Doctrine of the Trinity,” hovers around the central ideas of my book The Deep Things of God, as we talk about the Trinity and salvation, the mediatorial structure of Christian prayer, and the personhood of the Holy Spirit.

The second episode, “Why Should We Believe in the Trinity?” is more of a walk-through of some key Bible passages that support the doctrine of the Trinity.

Both are the same high quality of public theology discussion that listeners to the White Horse Inn have come to expect.


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