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Twitter my Quotes, Three-Person Book

Since the release of my new book last week (The Deep Things of God), I admit I’ve been keeping an eye on the twitter-stream and blog-feed to see how it’s doing. It’s got a few reviews already, which is nice to see.

But the most interesting phenomenon is in the tweeting and microblogging, where people have to choose very short quotes to post. Far from gutting the book while scavenging around for the tiniest possible quotes, these Twitter-quoters have a sharp eye for the best summary lines in the book. It seems to me they’re remarkably good at finding the pith. Reading these tiny extracts reminded me what I wrote the book about. Here’s what I’ve gathered this past week:

Christian salvation comes from the Trinity, happens through the Trinity, and brings us home to the Trinity.

The triune God is a love that is infinitely high above you, eternally preceding you, and welcoming you in.

Our great need as gospel-believing Christians is to be led further in to what we already have

If you trust Jesus to be your salvation, you already know the Trinity.

God is infinitely happy in being God. He does not need us. The Father, Son and Spirit are perfect, needing nothing, and all-glorious in who they are.

The doctrine of the Trinity is the classic statement of the comprehensive truth of the Christian message.

Christianity is nothing less than the life of God in the soul of man.

The good news of salvation is ultimately that God opens his Trinitarian life to us

A gospel that must be measured by my own moral conduct, social conscience, or religious experience is too small.

In Christ, God was so overwhelmingly active and available that once and for all the second half of the covenant was kept: “I will be your God and you will be my people.”

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