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Forward Towards Home

John Mark Reynolds, 2004.

I am with a serious group of people, who like all the Church fathers, think there was a large flood in the days of Noah. They are arguing about its size, but the agreement is broad. If they are right, then secularism is wrong. Religion is not “mere belief.” Religious texts contain knowledge. If they contain knowledge in one area, then they likely contain information in another. If these scientists, and they are scientists, are correct, then God once judged the world for depravity. That should give Americans pause.It is Lent. I am reminded again that reason and the dialectic can only carry me forward towards Home. They are not Home. Sometimes philosophers worship the road, like some insane Californian who sits so long on the 5 that he confuses the road with his destination. In the end, the dialectic has carried me far enough that I must commit myself to one particular destination. I reach out to Jesus Christ and He is there. I experience God. That shocks me for I think like Aristotle that humans are too small to merit God’s attention. God is to great for us. Now I must account for my experience on the road. I commit myself and God shows me more. As my mind is submitted to His patient dialectic, I change.

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