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Book Review: “City of Angels” by James Scott Bell

John Mark Reynolds, 2004. Books: City of Angels (Shannon Saga, 1)

Who is the best airport read in America? My pick is James Scott Bell. He is a compelling writer who gets to the point. I have been a fan from his first, the thoughtful and funny Darwin Conspiracy. The Shannon Saga shows a mature Bell working with historical details of the Los Angeles Edwardian Era to produce court room mysteries that remind me of the best of Agatha Christie. Some of the secondary characters are weak, but the central characters are well drawn and believable. The after taste of Bell fiction is sweet. I started the last book in this series and stayed up until finished. It was that intriguing. Be careful not to miss your plane if you start it in line. This is one Christian author who deserves to be read outside of the ghetto of Christian fiction. He also proves good work is being done in that area of literature. This is not C.S. Lewis, but it is fun.

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