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Reflections on Homily 14 on the Gospel of John

John Mark Reynolds, 2004.

St. John Chrysostom: HOMILIES ON THE GOSPEL OF JOHN: “But of that Fountain we cannot say this; how much soever a man draw, It continues undiminished.”

We serve a God who is never tired, never broke, and never in need. He is the good Father who has unlimited resources to help those He loves and He loves us! There is no end to His abundance. We are not saved to give up things for the sake of the pain. We are saved from material pleasures to wade deeper into His great grace and joy. The more of that joy we experience, the more is accessible to us. The fasts and disciplines of the Church are for our good, for our joy. When we complain about restraints, we are like children who cannot enjoy the ride at Disneyland for fear of the lap bar. Nothing is done to us that will cost us a single real pleasure. Instead, every order, every move, on the part of God is a further invitation to a deeper plunge into his great goodness and grace.It is almost unfair that we get to be Christians. All of Jesus and joy evermore.

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