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Reflections on Athanasius, Select Works and Letters

John Mark Reynolds, 2004.

NPNF2-04. Athanasius: Select Works and Letters (xvi.ii.xi)We are seeing a new thing at Biola: a combination of the power of the Holy Spirit with deep theological and philosophical reflection. A sane experience of power and a passionate knowledge of God is rare. That is God’s call and we are beginning to see results. Last Thursday, we experienced the divine healing of a student’s eyes. Thanks be to God. At the same time, there was a powerful anointing at services the apologetics team (Hazen, Moreland, Reynolds) held in Olympia, Washington. I was able to think and speak more clearly than ever. However, many of the team feel a demonic attack has been leveled on us. Pray for us! Fred Sanders encouraged us all by sending this witness from Athanasius. A few things stand out in this passage. First, we are called to be on guard. As God works in us, we will attract the attention of the evil one. We have been sensing that in our house. We plead the blood of Jesus over all we do. Second, we must be careful that our wickedness gives no place for the Satan and his kingdom. Hope and I are trying to keep our house free from taint and move forward in holiness. No one much thinks about holiness, but my past life demonstrated to me that without it there is no hope of doing good things for God. Power without holiness is destructive to self and others. Finally, demons have no power over the Christian if he is bold. They cannot tell the future only make guesses. Prayer may turn aside great harm they are sure will come. Please pray for the safety of my family and the ministry.

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