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Reflections on Intelligent Design

John Mark Reynolds, 2004.

Is “intelligent design” Christian? Some good folk worry about associating a scientific theory with “religion.” One need not believe in ID to be a Christian. Some people who believe in ID are Christians and some are not. I would believe in ID (on Platonic grounds) if I were not a Christian. However, if Christianity is true, and known to be true, then ID should associate with it for its good. Christians should take this true idea, if it is true, and try to make it part of a whole world view. If it cannot be so integrated, then we should find a new idea, since we are more sure of our theology than of science which is at best a likely story. Christians have no reason to want to divide knowledge into nice chunks. Out of good manners, when visiting secular places Christians can defer certain questions. However, science, like any other discipline, must bow the knee to theology, Queen of the sciences. Secular people can take care of themselves. They have their own standards and their own definitions of “scholarship.” I prefer Dante to Darwin as a model for my own integration. Theology and science should, as often as possible, walk hand in hand. Conferences and presentations can and should sometimes limit the scope of their investigation to allow for deep exploration of issues. However, Jesus is lord, a gigantic fact of the cosmos. In the end, if it is true that God is real and Christ is King, then every discussion will lead to this fact in the end.

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