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A Couple of Christology Resources

Here are two books I recommended when I was talking Christology on the Frank Pastore show on Jan 12.

The single best book on the deity of Christ is Putting Jesus in His Place (Kregel, 2007). The authors, Bowman and Komoszewski, work through all the best arguments and even provide a handy mnemonic device, HANDS: Jesus shares the Honors, Attributes, Names, Deeds, and Seat of God the Father. Go, get, read.

The Chalcedonian Box that I talked about is here:

That’s from the book Jesus in Trinitarian Perspective (B&H Academic, 2007), p. 24. For now you can see the page and its context on the Google Books preview.

The metaphor of a box emphasizes the doctrinal boundaries that are recognized by Chalcedon. On the top, it affirms Nicaea 325 (contra Arianism) by demanding that Christ is God, consubstantial with the Father. On the bottom, it affirms Constantinople I (contra Apollinarianism) by demanding that Christ is human, consubstantial with us. The soteriological axioms “God alone can save us” and “what is not assumed is not healed” mark these boundaries out. As for how the divine and human elements come together, Chalcedon marks out the right and the left with its four mighty negatives: no confusion and no change on the one hand (contra Monophysitism Eutychianism ), but no division and no separation on the other hand (contra Nestorianism).

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