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Can I Get It With The Apple Dippers?

catscratch armpit waffle I guess if it weren’t for a road trip, I might have missed this altogether: Doug TenNapel’s Catscratch is the theme of the current Happy Meals at McDonald’s!


TenNapel is the mad genius whose singular Turlock brain virus has infected video games, animated cartoons, and graphic novels in recent years. For anyone who’s followed his work through its various permutations, it’s a surreal experience to stop for the mandatory Happy Meal fuel-up during a long drive with kids, and find TenNapel creatures staring at you from the toy display. These are quirky little toys. A nation tugs its chin and says “huh?”

“Imagine it… a world where bacon could walk straight into your mouth.” Surely the advent of Catscratch Happy Meal toys brings us one step closer to that world.

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