Essay / Avant-Garde

Giant Robot

when robots attack NOOOOOOO!!! The giant robot lurches into the city and our best defenses cannot stop him. FLEE, TINY HUMANS!!! If this be doomsday, when stalks the robotic juggernaut! He was designed by a demolition contractor who thoughtlessly programmed him with the command, “Destroy the next building.” Obedient to the letter of the law, he sets out to destroy the next building, and the next, and the next… I HEAR AND OBEY. DESTROY NEXT BUILDING! But there is always a next building! His tiny twin antennae are receiving new commands, but it is impossible to override the prime directive. He is hardwired for mayhem! Death is his algorithm! Go-to smash if tank then pull building down onto it!!! The brave human defenders send out their new triple-barrel tank, and one sharpshooter takes cover behind it, but none can stop DESTRUCTOR, THE WINSOME SMILING SMASHBOT!!!

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