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Sermon on the Mount Comix #1

The Sermon on the Mount (Matthew chapters 5-7) was the first passage of Scripture that ever grabbed ahold of me in a way I couldn’t ignore. In this message, Jesus breathes the pure spirit of grace even as he applies the law with a strictness

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Half A Giraffe

Here is a drawing of a giraffe by Phoebe Age Five. It conspicuously omits the main thing that we would expect to see in a giraffe image. Surely by its long neck shalt thou know the cameleopard; and if the neck be shortened unto vanishing,

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How to Look at Art

Visiting an art museum can be a stifling experience. No matter how friendly the staff or how hospitable the building itself may be, most of us suffer from an almost palpable feeling of intimidation in a museum. Dozens of rooms with hundreds of pictures, all