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Wait in the Means of Grace (John Wesley)

John Wesley was a great theologian of the grace of God, and he knew that grace is an invisible movement in which God sovereignly invades the heart of a believer. You can call it experiental or individualist or pietistic or emotional or whatever else you

Essay / Education

In All Things, Be Fearful

I just returned recently to southern California after a nice, long vacation with my family. As well, I was able to spend two good weeks at the National Institute for Newman Studies in Pittsburgh, PA. The Institute, run by the Pittsburgh Oratorians, is a research

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Why C. S. Lewis Was Smarter Than Me Am

An excerpt from a letter that the 17-year-old C. S. Lewis wrote to his best friend: 12 October 1915 You ask me how I spend my time, and though I am more interested in thoughts and feelings, we’ll come down to facts. I am awakened

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Scream No More!!!

John Wesley, in a letter to the American Methodist preacher John King in 1778: Scream no more at peril of your soul. God now warns you by me, whom he has set over you. Speak as earnestly as you can, but do not scream. Speak

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When Faces Called Flowers Float Out of the Ground

I’ve been doing a whole lot of reading this summer. When I come up from my books for air I go outside to garden. And, while you readers are likely a bookish lot with whom I could share many bookish observations, I’d rather share with

Essay / Culture

Tangled Up in Blue

An hour ago I unloaded my things after a long drive down the 5, back from three weeks in Berkeley with two other faculty members, their families and thirty-some students. Every year, a crew of Torrey students and faculty live in Utopia, also known as

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Reflections on Russia and England

I have just returned from a trip with 37 Torrey Honors students to Russia and England. What a great trip! Not only did I see the St. Petersburg of Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment, but I also had a chance to see The Merchant of Venice

Essay / Art

Two Lost Dogs in Berkeley

Thursday afternoon in Berkeley there was a small concert by Terry Taylor and Mike Roe, who are the two members of the Lost Dogs who live in northern California. Terry Taylor has been recording music since the 70s, Mike Roe since the 80s, and the

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The Antics of Aimee

PBS’s American Experience did a show last year on Aimee Semple McPherson (1890-1944), the Pentecostal evangelist so archetypal that her whole life read like a movie script. The PBS documentary movie was surprisingly good, featuring interviews with most of the leading scholars responsible for major

Essay / Literature

Planet Narnia Author Michael Ward to Speak at Biola

The Torrey Honors Institute of Biola University is honored to have Cambridge’s own Dr. Michael Ward speaking for us this Monday evening on his new piece of C.S. Lewis scholarship. Through medieval cosmology, Planet Narnia claims to provide the imaginative key to understanding the Chronicles

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Modrn TheoLOLgians

Fourth in a series. Click for Early Church, Medieval, and Reformation. Heres yr modrnz. Float yr mouse ovr teh jpgs 4 namez.

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Charles “Freshly” Wesley

Here’s a cartoon left on my office door by a Torrey student. Charles Wesley turned 300 this year. Who got the mad lyrical flow? I can’t hear you…