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Two Lost Dogs in Berkeley

Terry Taylor and Mike Roe Thursday afternoon in Berkeley there was a small concert by Terry Taylor and Mike Roe, who are the two members of the Lost Dogs who live in northern California.

Terry Taylor has been recording music since the 70s, Mike Roe since the 80s, and the Lost Dogs since the early 90s. These guys are, in their own words, “older than dirt,” and in my estimation, just about as productive as topsoil. Between them they’ve probably recorded 1,000 songs. Taylor is famous for restlessly reinventing himself musically every few years, and Roe sings and plays like a man with the Ultimate Record Collection and the talent to evoke any part of it. So when they picked 16 songs to share with their audience Thursday afternoon, they had plenty of material to choose from, plenty of experience as performers, and plenty of talent to share. They slid right into easy harmony and put on a great show.

Set List:

1. If You Want To
2. Bullet Train
3. The Lust, the Flesh, the Eyes, and the Pride of Life
4. Devil’s Elbow
5. It All Depends
6. Broken Like Brooklyn
7. Bad Indigestion
8. Papa Danced on Olvera Street
9. Crushing Hand
10. Get Me Ready
11. No Room For Us
12. Breathe Deep
13. That’s Where Jesus Is
14. Knocking on Heaven’s Door

15. Moses in the Desert
16. Joel

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