Essay / Philosophy

Blindness and Sight

John Mark Reynolds, 2004. John 9- Jesus heals a “man born blind.The Greeks wrote that the blind could see better in the spiritual world, because they were not distracted by the physical. They made their great sages and prophets blind (Homer, Tiresias). To see the

Essay / Misc.

Rebuke, Repentance, and Restoration

John Mark Reynolds, 2004. What if one viewed the world through a religious framework? Not because one had to out of fear (you never know when to expect the Spanish Inquisition), but because it is interesting and after much experience of the world seems true?

Essay / Misc.

Seeking For Thyself or Following the Logos

John Mark Reynolds, 2004. I am at a meeting in Dallas, Texas where very thoughtful Christians are dealing with issues related to religion and science. Led by one of California’s brightest citizens, Phillip E. Johnson of UC Berkeley. Too often the stereotype of thoughtful Christians